A strange thing happened on our trip to Mexico, we fell in love with it. You will too, and like us, you will want to go every year.

Sunday, June 10, 2012



Fishing is usually an all day activity and can get expensive, however if you have the right guide and friends it is worth it. Remember with our package, fishing is 70 % off the regular price. Not always guaranteed a fish but whales, dolphins, turtles and flying manta rays are usually a given.

For the kids

Mexico was made for kids. Each resort has a variety of special activities for kids. Crafts, games, a club house, pools, oh ya and miles and miles of awesome sand. The resorts tour guide can hook you up with activites away from the resort, like swimming with dophins, snorkling, boat trips and fishing.

Friday, June 8, 2012

spa treatments

Each Resort has a goal to make sure your time with them is relaxing. They provide a variety of treatments just for you and the money you want to spend. Even the least expensive message is managable and exciting for the person that has never treated themselves to this luxury. I highly suggest checking out the spa and their exceptional staff.

Dinner Cruises

Each Resort has access to Dinner Cruises. Cancun has a great Lobster Dinner aboard a restored Pirate ship. Approx. 100.00 US per tour.


 Nothing compares to the sheer joy of spending time on the ocean. Each Resort has tours available or sail boat rentals.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving and Snorkling is probably one of the main attractions for the Cozumel. Cancun however has some amazing places to explore. The Island of woman east of the cith of Cancun has a art exibit on the bottom of the ocean floor, a must see for everyone. The Resort in Cancun sits on the National park Reef, a day rental of the catemaran gives you a dive guide and a great experiance in the ocean. Each resort has access to amazing dive shops.